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How to Transfer Balance in Grameenphone?

If you're a user of Grameenphone you my already know about their balance transfer services. GP user can able to transfer their balances to other GP user. If you are looking for using this system follow the below process.
grameenphone balance transfer

How to register?

To enable this service to your SIM you need to register your SIM.
  • Go to message option Write REGI send this SMS to 1000
  • After sent, you will get a confirmation message where the PIN code number for balance transfer will be given.
  • Your registration process completely done. 
 How to transfer balance one SIM to Another in GP?  

You have complete the registration process, now times to transfer balance.

  • Go to create new message option and type BTR<space>PIN<space>Mobile Number<space>Amount and send this SMS to 1000.
For example: BTR 1234 XXXXXXXXXXX 100 & Send to 1000 

How to Change the security PIN numbers?

You can able to change your current PIN numbers

  • Open message option Write CPIN<space>Old PIN<Space>New PIN<space>New PIN again 
  • Then send this SMS to 1000
For example: CPIN 1234 3434 3434 send to 1000

So the above post was that all about Grameenphone balance transfer. Hope that you would like that don't forget to share it.