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Learn Banglalink Internet Setting [Automatic & Manually]

User of mobile internet has increasing in Bangladesh. Every user would like to using net through their SIM. However, banglalink is a great operator over there. They offers an exacting internet services over this country. If you're a user of them. you might have wanted to know how to setting banglalink internet on your device.
From this post you will get the complete tricks to configure banglalink on your device.

banglalink internet setting
Automatic Banglalink Internet Configuration
Go to message option and write ALL and send it to 3343 
After that you will sent an SMS with activation process.

Manually Banglalink internet activation
You can also doing it by manually change your device configuration option. Go to setting>mobile-internet and add this below given information.

Banglalink WAP Setting:
Connection/Profile: Banglalink-WAP
APN(Access Point Name): blwap
Port: 8799
Homepage: http://noxbd.com

Banglalink MMS Setting:

Connection/Profile: Banglalink-MMS
APN(Access Point Name): blmms
Port: 8799
Homepage: http://www.google.com

Banglalink INTERNET Setting:

Connection/Profile: Banglalink-WEB
APN(Access Point Name): blweb
Port: 8799
Homepage: http://www.google.com
Hope that you would like this post and successfully configure net on your device.